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Transparent glossy acrylic medium - Fabrika Decoru - 150ml


Transparent glossy acrylic medium applied as matte white primer for further work with sprays, texture pastes, texture paints on different surfaces.

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"Medium acrylic transparent glossy" when mixed with acrylic paints reduces the intensity of the colors without changing their texture, applied as matte primer for further work with sprays, texture pastes, paints on paper, wood, cardboard, fiberboard, particleboard, fabrics. Perfect for creating collages and final coating of paper, used as a matte lacquer decoupage-glue to transfer images to any primed surface. It is used in scrapbooking and other forms of creativity. 

Application methods: brush, foam sponge, palette knife, roller.

Terms of use and storage:
Store in a tightly closed container and apply at temperatures above 5C.
Tools, containers and workplace can be cleaned with warm water.
After contact with skin wash off with warm water and soap.
Not for children below 14 years.
Manufactured in Ukraine.
Volume: 150ml.

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