Silk foam, foamiran, artistic foam - 0,6 mm - blueberry


Foamiran, artistic foam

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The foam that is still conquering the artistic world is finally available in our store!

Iranian foamiran is foam sheets, which under the influence of heat can be freely shaped and formed with the use of specialized forms or tools and human fingers.

Flowers made of it perfectly imitate living flowers - if you mold them in real sizes. If you choose smaller formats, they will certainly be beautifully decorated with all your handicrafts.

To further enrich their appearance, you can add color with a variety of coloring media, such as dry and oil pastels, various types of inks, gelato crayons, candlesticks and even watercolors.

Its another advantage is the ease of cutting - scissors, a paper knife, a punch or a hole punch.

During the foam production process - sometimes micro holes are created in it which does not affect the quality of the decorations made of it.

Color shades of the material - may diffrent from the pictures shown above.

     Size: 30 x 35 mm (+ - 1 cm)

     Thickness 0.6 mm

    Color : blueberry

Price per one sheet of foam.

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