Blue box for a card with a window - low square - plus a card base - Rzeczy z Papieru


A box for card with a window, low square

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6,70 zł

A box for card with a transparent window + base, low square - Rzeczy z Papieru.

Made from cream offset paper, wood free, 300gsm. From the outside, perfectly smooth and matt.
The box consists of two parts of the lid and the bottom. Both parts are creased, which facilitates folding. The lid is 0.5 cm lower than the bottom, which facilitates easy opening.

Ideally suited for hand-decorated greeting cards, invitations, thanks.

Ideally suited for hand decorating with various materials: media, scrapbooking papers, etc.

The dimensions of the box are approximately: 15,0 x 15,0 x 2,5 cm

Color: blue

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